CitusDB can dramatically improve the end user experience for companies that provide customer facing portals for real-time analytics on big data. It can also simplify the database infrastructure and reduce upfront and ongoing costs. An example of such a portal is one for viewing mobile phone location information or online advertising effectiveness for evaluating advertising opportunities. Another example is presenting information on performance for an online website management solution. However, unlike data warehousing approaches, CitusDB can manage real-time inserts so analytics are run on current data, not on an out of date snapshot of the data.

Companies that use CitusDB to provide customer facing big data analytics portals create a clustered PostgreSQL environment. The cluster is easily scalable horizontally by adding nodes to the cluster so the environment can easily scale as the database grows. In addition, CitusDB parses queries and runs them across all of the relevant nodes. Parallel processing of the queries leverages the computing power of the cluster and can deliver 100x or more improvements in query response times versus common approaches.

CitusDB is built on PostgreSQL 9.4 so it can manage structured or unstructured data. It can handle short requests so it can potentially replace more complex systems. CitusDB users have found in some cases that they can either run CitusDB on top of their Hadoop cluster to directly generate real-time analytics without pre-processing the data before analysis.

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