CitusDB is a horizontally scalable operational and analytics database for Big Data which is built on PostgreSQL 9.4. CitusDB benefits include:

  •      Delivers real-time analytics to power end user insights
  •      Reduces the cost and complexity of your database infrastructure
  •      Leverages your existing PostgreSQL knowledge and applications
  •      Provides the flexibility to use structured or unstructured data
  •      Elastically scales as your database grows

Deliver Real-Time Big Data Insights for End Users with PostgreSQL

CitusDB is a hybrid operational and analytics database for big data SQL use cases which is both a scalable data warehouse and an operational database. Its unique features mean you do not have to make trade-offs between fast analytics, real-time data ingestion, and scalability or deploy a complex, multi-database infrastructure to get all of the capabilities you can find in CitusDB. The CitusDB platform shards your operational database and replicates it across a scalable cluster of commodity servers for handling big data as large as hundreds of billions of events or hundreds of terabytes. The CitusDB platform parallel processes queries across the nodes in the cluster to reduce query times on your real-time operational data by 100x or more versus single-node PostgreSQL, providing end users with results much faster by leveraging PostgreSQL real-time analytics.

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Your Database Infrastructure

Unify real-time operations and analytics on one powerful, simple stack. CitusDB is a hybrid transactional and analytics database which can function as both a data warehouse and an operational database. It can be used instead of hybrid infrastructures which include both an operational database and a separate analytics database, thus reducing infrastructure costs and simplifies database management. CitusDB runs on commodity hardware either in the cloud or on premise. CitusDB is built on the latest version of PostgreSQL so it enjoys many of the cost advantages of open source software.

Leverage Your Existing PostgreSQL Knowledge and Applications

If your application is already built on PostgreSQL, upgrading to CitusDB is transparent to the application layer and requires no modifications to implement. Because CitusDB is built on the latest version of PostgreSQL, all of your team’s existing PostgreSQL knowledge remains relevant and valuable, reducing or eliminating the startup costs normally associated with adopting a new database technology.

Flexibility to Use Structured or Unstructured Data

CitusDB 4.0 is built on PostgreSQL 9.4 so it can take advantage of all of the unstructured data features in PostgreSQL such as JSONB support and the rich relational database capabilities of PostgreSQL. Because CitusDB is built on the multi-modal PostgreSQL framework, it delivers the best of both relational and NoSQL databases for big data use cases.

Elastically Scale Your Database

CitusDB shards your database and replicates it across a cluster of commodity servers. Scaling your database simply requires adding nodes to the cluster and can be accomplished without taking your system offline. The default shard size is 1 GB so rebalancing your database across the cluster when you add new nodes introduces a non-intrusive load on the network.

Leverage the Current Capabilities of PostgreSQL

CitusDB is built on the latest version of PostgreSQL so you can always leverage the most current capabilities. Each upgrade of PostgreSQL is followed shortly thereafter by a matching upgrade in CitusDB so you continue to have access to the latest features.

CitusDB documentation is available in the Resources section of this website.

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